Welcome Black Sail Anarchists

Burn Away is proud to announce that Black Sail Anarchists have joined our new Alliance!  Welcome aboard mates.

I apologize for not being there when you finally showed the Alliance ticker in-game, sadly my ability to get into Eve was taken away with the new patch yesterday.  Hopefully that will change today.

BSA joins us after having been in Mean Coalition most recently.  They are a relatively new Corporation, formed by veteran PvP'ers with a nice mix of old and younger pilots.  In many ways they share much with Lucifer's Hammer and I have a very good feeling that our Corps will work very well together.  I'm looking forward to getting to know their pilots and flying together in combat.

Many thanks to Buck Flintrock BSA's CEO for contacting me and working together with our Alliance leader Ashkrall to make this work.  It isn't the easiest thing in the world, but so far (despite some bumps along the way), it seems to be running smoothly.

BSA joining brings our current Alliance total to over 62 pilots, so we are only looking for a few more Corporations to join.  If you or your Corporation are interested please feel free to contact us in game.  

We have some interesting plans ahead of us and much fun to be had.