What I Done Did

I haven't "played" much Eve lately.  My last kill was a week ago, but really it has been 10 days since I actually participated in combat.  Most of my time lately has been spent working and spending time with my family.  Given the added stress of a child in need, free time to play a virtual game has been hard to come by.

But this too shall pass.

So I spent some time seriously considering what to do next.  Where to spend the upcoming semi-retirement days, without the responsibility of having any real responsibilities?  Beyond logging in during those precious moments when I manage to find the time to do so and fighting in my ship?

That sure sounds like big alliance null space to me.  The null map has changed a lot during the last six months, so I spent some time getting back up to speed on those changes.  As usual, I didn't want a sleepy little corner somewhere, if I was going to do this I wanted action.  No sense in being bored out of my mind.

A few weeks ago a chance encounter back in Lisb, those that read the blog might remember when Morsus Mihi passed thru, had re-connected me to an old friend.  On closer examination it turned out that I actually had many old friends in the MM alliance, especially in one of their Corporations Macabre Votum.  They aren't recruiting at the moment, but that's never stopped me before.

So sure enough both Angor and myself have moved into Delve and we are both new pilots in Macabre Votum, part of the MM Alliance.  Non-Sov holders engaged in pew pew in and around Delve.  A 500 man Corp in a huge Alliance, with lots of old friends around, sounds like the perfect place to hang my hat.

I took two Carrier trips and a packed Providence to get all of us moved down, as well as some help from an Alliance m8 (thank you!) in a JF.  I'd forgotten how awesome it can be to have the full service of a large Alliance logi system at your disposal.

So what now?  I dunno.  I'm still -10 and plan on staying that way.  I'm still more interested in PvP than anything else, so fundamentally nothing has changed.  But I've been forced to give up some things that I didn't want to give up and it is going to take some time before the old passions come back.  I know this.  I expected it.  But still, living it is something else.  Luckily, in a weird not-lucky way, I have more important things to worry about right now.

Eve has once again taken its proper place in the scheme of things.  And honestly, right now, that is a huge relief.

Now, let's see if I can avoid killing yet another Alliance. :)