Case of the Mondays

I could never get the hang of Mondays.

For some people it's Thursday, or one of those other days with a Y in it, but for me it has always been Monday. And I don't mean in the real world, I'm talking about Eve. Out in the real world Monday's are just fine. I don't have the same level of anger with Monday that some do.  But in Eve, whole different story.

I haven't done this, cause it'd be freaky and would involve maths, but I bet if I did count 'em all up and divide and whatnot - that probably 37.85% of my deaths happened on a Monday.  Rough estimate.

I think perhaps it is the consequence of enthusiasm after a weekend mixed with the usual bad luck associated with Monday, the generally foul mood and headache, plus those large packs of killer gerbils that roam the office on Monday. But I could be wrong.

Take today for instance. It is a Monday, but I haven't died yet.

So that's a good example. Oh, but the day isn't over yet now is it? It hasn't been for lack of trying. I went out solo for two hours and couldn't even get a fight with a blob - they ran away from my awesome Rifter 'O Doom. I think they were jumping out anyway, but I will take all the credit I can get. Plus this is my blog and I'll tell the stories the way I want.

I did get a fight with a Griffin. A 1v1. I figured it would go down like this, Griffin jams my Rifter and then very very very slowly kills me until - I either break jam and kill him, burn away and escape, or somehow manage to get kilt. The middle one happened, so neither of us died. Nice guy though, so thanks for the fight m8.

Anyway, docked up at the same time a Mammoth docked. So I undocked in my Broadsword to wait on him and sure enough two seconds later he undocked and died.  Sorry dude, but seriously when a Pirate docks with you he will most likely get something to kill you with and be waiting outside. At least this Pirate will be. Usually.

Things are crazy right now in every direction, so play time has been suffering a bit the last few days. The rest of this week looks to continue that, so I do what I can.

And yes, this post was about nothing really. Typical Monday.