End of the Train

The above image (click to embiggen!) represents the effective end of an almost two year long skill train. I can now t2 fit all four races main lines up to Battleship class. With some exceptions, such as Heavy Beam lasers, which are not on the train list anytime soon, if ever. What would be the point, sniper BS is dead.

Being born Caldari limits you somewhat when it comes to combat in a Battleship, since both options stink for anything other than ratting or shooting stuff at a distance for minimum damage. I'm sorry, I love the Rokh, but it is virtually useless as a combat ship. So years ago I was quickly forced to choose another race to train in order to achieve BS effective options. I should have gone straight to Minnie, but instead I went Gal and the Megathron. Which served me well in zero space. Luckily I hadn't happened on the joyous lifestyle I have now yet.

The only Cruiser V I skipped on this train was Gal Cruiser V. I'm still not convinced of the merits of training it, but I will eventually get around to it. So then I jumped into Minnie. I've been flying Tempests and Typhoons for awhile now.  And today I fitted up my first Amarr BS and undocked it to take that picture.  I've been able to actually fly the Amarr BS for almost a year now, but I don't fly anything I can't fit T2, so it had to wait for the big lasers. 

So I am in the midst of developing my next skill train right now. This one will be a year long and will not really involve flying anything new. I have my choice of main-line, faction and pirate hulls plus Command Ships, Caldari T3, HIC, DIC, Logi, Recons, etc., to choose from, so I'm happy on the ships front.  My alt will be the one to train Black Ops.

So my next train will focus primarily on the skills that need topped-off, or completed. Lots of IV's need to be made into V's. Almost all of that consists of two week or month long skills, so filling up a year's worth won't be difficult.

The objective is to continue making Rixx into a killing machine. Flying Caps, Carriers, and other expensive big stuff is the job of his wife Anastasia. Rixx will continue to focus solely on ship versus ship combat.

I also have to decide which of the BS skills to take to V first, I'm leaning towards Minnie, since I fly those more often. And Ana already has Amarr BS V.

I can't begin to tell you how good it felt today undocking in that ship. It felt good, really good. Sadly no one else could hear the John Williams score that I was hearing in my head. Oh well.