Hidden Message In Door!!

Here at Eveoganda Headquarters, we work hard to bring you the very best information based solely on facts, investigative reporting and pure speculation!  One of our under-paid interns, after staring blankly at the CQ "Door" Wallpaper image the last few days (He refuses to undock, poor guy) came running into my office screaming this morning.  "Ultimo! Mega Master!! (Those crazy interns have some cute nicknames for me) CCP has hidden sekrit message in door! Can I go back to my homeland now!?!"

Needless to say I needed to confirm this. So we ran multiple tests on the infamous door wallpaper and found, to our surprise, that he was right for once. There is a sekrit message hidden digitally within the image.

Here is the all-too familiar no spinning ship optional image:

I ran this image thru multiple hi-tech gizmo filters in various graphical type programs and kept coming up with the same result.  Remember, you saw this first here on Eveoganda.  Brace yourself.

See the Sekrit HERE! If you dare.