Lucifer's Hammer: RAW

I imagine there are a lot of pilots like me in Eve.  Tired of the grind, weary of the Null-Sec politics and meaningless back-and-forth sov wars, not excited to log on and having nothing to do, tired of the bullshit, the rules, the "proper fits", the dues, the taxes, the... really long list of crap.  I suspect there must be others out there that feel the way I do.

I built a home for you.  It's called Lucifer's Hammer and the Burn Away Alliance.

Individuals or groups of individuals are welcome to come and hang out with people that want only one simple thing from Eve - PEW!

No bullshit, no grind, no sov structures to defend or fuel, no politics, no rules... except one, don't suck.

We are starting over.  After a month long break to deal with real world issues we are back on-line. Some of our original members never left, some are returning, some have moved on and still hang out with us, some will be bringing new Corporations along and a few may never return.  This was slash and burn, so now it is time for new growth to spring forth.

Last night we took out a roam of Ruppies and a lone Phantasm.  Why?  To have FUN!  No one died and we got some nice kills along the way.  If you've been reading Eveoganda then you've been reading about the other things we do.  We'll be doing more every day.  The thing is though, where we are, even when the Corp isn't doing something, just undock and fly in a direction - you'll find pew or it will find you.

Heck, yesterday a bunch of us created a server and played a few rounds of UT2004 together!

I'm not the CEO anymore, Angor is.  We are sorta running things together, but in a significant way, we're not running things at all.  When the guys have asked me, "What now?" I've told them I can only promise them one thing, I won't be leaving again.  If the Corp fails and I am the only one left, then I'll be flying solo everyday.  And that wouldn't suck.

I'd miss the banter, the comms, the dramas and making new friends.  And really, the Corp and the Alliance ain't gonna fail anyway.  Why?  Because you are going to come and join us, have a blast playing Eve again, and help us kick some ass, that's why.  You know you want to.

The channel is LUCRH HAMMER TIME, come hang out wit us and chew the fat.

Then join us, come down and undock and PLAY Eve for a change.  Let the rest of the universe wring their hands over worry, doubt and indecision, so we can fly around and explode their stuffs.