New Rules

Things are changing here on Eveoganda.

Moving forward I won't be posting as often as I have been during the last two years. This is 100% due to certain realities that I've had to face in real life. Not only with my family, but also because of my business. And now, on top of everything else, the current economic situation in Washington has actually impacted me directly. This requires, and has required for several months now, an increased amount of diligence on my part. Which simply means more time, which means less time for other pursuits. Like Eve.

Those of you that are waiting on commissions already know that I've been moving extremely slow. That isn't fair and I will be spending more time working my way thru the list of projects on my plate. So no worries there.

This in no way means this blog will be going dark, or shutting down, or anything like that. But my long-standing rule about blogging every day I play Eve went under the carpet about a month ago. So it is time to admit it and move on.

I don't like writing about real world concerns on a Eve blog, but the reality is very serious business. Actual, real, serious business.

So there it is. Now back to Eve.