Ninja Carrier Down!

(The picture is my corp m8 Itsme. The image is from a series of Memes I did for the Alliance forums, I'll be using them from time to time when a post warrants it. Itsme is (in)famous around the Pirate community, depending on what side you are on... well, that probably determines how you feel about him. A lot of people don't understand Itsme. That's mostly because most people are ignorant and stupid. Itsme isn't hard to understand, he plays the game the way he plays it. I admire that quality, since I share the attitude if not always the means. You are free to think what you want, but I'm glad he is part of Lucifer's Hammer and a good Eve friend.)

Those of you that have been reading Eveoganda for awhile are aware of our history with the Muppets. I'm about to relay a story that I only know a part of, even though I was there, participated and generally did what I needed to do. For me it was a chance to undock and use my new Baddon, which I am very anxious to try out. The reasons for my general ignorance of some facts may become apparent thru the telling of the tale. They also may not. So, for those of you that need things pointed out in more detail, the following:

Flying a Battleship in a fleet for the first time is something I take seriously. I try to keep my focus on those things that matter and leave the rest to the FC and other people. This isn't always the case when I'm more comfortable with a ship, goodness knows by now I can fly many ships blind-folded by now. But first day, first action, calls for focus. So I missed many of the back and forth bantering that resulted in today's fleet action. Sorry. But that's the breaks.

Back to our story. Imagine a big(ish) fleet of armor BS and some support and you'll get the idea. Carriers are involved. If you also know what that means then so much the better for you. The important bit is that we find ourselves on a gate with an enemy gang on the other side. We jump into them to fight. They drop a Carrier on us, so we proceed to drop some on them as well. Seems the friendly thing to do. 

Thing is, most of their fleet jumps out or warps off. Leaving a few ships trapped by our fleet, including their Carrier. Spread points, launch drones, the usual usual. It is pretty crazy. But for some reason the Carrier stays on the field to fight it out, along with some of the support. It appears, as enemy ships warp in and out or try to hug the gate, that their FC can't make up his mind. Either that, or they are planning something. Which they were.

The Baddon performed like a sweetheart. It did exactly what I expected it to do. (Except later on when it turned into a Harbinger when I jumped through a Gate! True story. Very strange bug there CCP.) As you can see from the Archon killmail, even though I was switching guns from one target to the next, I still managed to apply over 60,000 dps to the kill. Also managed to pop their Devoter. Oh, and their Deimos. Which I got final blow on as well.

Anyway, they then jumped us with a shit ton of carriers and even a SC! Which we promptly jumped thru the gate on, which isn't technically running btw. Then someone else jumped us, then we jumped someone else. Then a gang of Canes came around, we aggro'd a Myrm on a gate only to have another gang jump in on us, which turned out to be the Muppets again. We got away.

So re-group fly around. 

Later that night me and Dismo managed to actually get some dockers in local to undock and fight us. I was in a Broadsword and he was in his new Baddon. They undocked a Myrm, 2 Hounds, a Domi, a Cane, an Omen and a few others. So what is that 4:1 odds? Sounds about right.

I often do stupid things. You should know that about me by now. Dismo docked his Baddon, but I decided to stay and fight. I could have gotten away, i was already aligned and about 20 off. Instead I turned around and started shooting. It was a blast. And anyway, I hadn't died in almost two weeks. LOL.

Yeah, I lost the Broadsword. I was actually tanking them extremely well until the Myrm got close and neuted me. At least they fought. You have to realize this has been weeks of chasing, probing, and generally trying to get them to fight us. They always dock, or warp off. I have tremendous respect for some of them, heck they used to be in our Alliance.

That was a long time ago.

And no, I didn't use their name in this post. Don't need to. They know who they. Especially that Kaizza person who has so much to teach me. I'm looking forward to it.