Secret Jita CSM/CCP Transcript

We've all seen the transcripts of the recent CSM Summit from May 2011.  If you haven't, now would be a good time to skim over it.  I'll wait.

What you might not know, because no one does, is that the "minutes" aren't the only transcripts of that meeting. In fact, Jita Local also provided a transcript log of the CSM/CCP convo in local on that day.  At great personal risk, and the lives of several Bothans, Rixx has obtained the ONLY known copy of this log. And now, because of his well-known dedication to the Eve community, he is risking it all to share it publicly - for the first time anywhere - right here on Eveoganda!

Feel free to click to embiggen.

Be warned, you could be banned for even reading this.  Gulp.