Blog Pack Redux

TL;DR: Rixx is a good guy and he'll do his best to make the Eve Blog Pack a great resource for the whole Eve Community.

So I've been giving the Blog Pack a considerable amount of thought lately and I've come to some conclusions about how I'd like to take it forward.  To me the Blog Pack was always "special" in that it originated not from a series of technical data or pre-determined criteria, but from one person's opinion of worth. No matter what your personal opinions about CK were, it was his opinion that drove the Blog Pack.

Despite many requests from different quarters, this blog will never accept one dime of advertising, cash, trade or anything else. I've certainly put up banners for fellow Blogger's events or whatever, but those are free. Everything I do for Eve is free. The only thing I charge for is the commission work and that is always paid for in ISK. Believe me, some have tried to get me to take real money in order to speed things up.

That is not a slam against anyone that accepts advertising. It is only the way I choose to do things, for my own reasons. I don't like gray areas, so it is easier to keep everything either black or white.

The Blog Pack will remain based solely on one person's opinion. A blog that appears on the list will be a blog of exceptional quality, interest and worth to the Eve community. For a blog to be considered it must have shown a commitment to the community, both in content and longevity. A Blog Pack blog must be primarily about Eve.

For my part I will strive to keep the Blog Pack up to date and current, so that you can trust the blogs on the list are active, entertaining and worthy of inclusion. Blogs that go dark or inactive will be removed. New blogs will take their place. The Blog Pack will be expanding somewhat and while there is not a defined limit, the number of blogs will be kept to a manageable minimum. Quality over quantity.

I will also work towards providing a wider spectrum of subject matter and strive to ensure that blogs from all over the Eve community are represented. I would encourage anyone to make sure I know about your own blog, or the blogs that you happen to read on a regular basis. There are over 600+ Eve Blogs out there, even I can't know about them all.

Also, just so you know. I will also be building a new sidebar list of blogs that have been considered for inclusion. While this won't be an official list, it will help to promote your blog and its content.

I mentioned the advertising stuff above only to make a very serious point. The list is only as good as the Blogs on it. For it to mean anything, it has to stand for something. The Blog Pack stands for quality above all else. 

There are other lists available. I know that. So the Blog Pack isn't going to try and be those, it will be its own thing.

I have already started the process and it will continue for the coming days, weeks and months.

Let's see where we go with this, together.