Blog Pack Updates

As promised I am hitting the Blog Pack about every two weeks and making updates and changes as needed.  Today is the latest round of those.

Several additional blogs are being added:

Beyond Space

Flee on Sight

Rifter Drifter

A couple of blogs were removed due to inactivity. As always, Legacy blogs that are removed can be added back if the blog author is returning to a regular schedule. Just write me and let me know. I do make an effort to contact the blog author and let them know of my decision, but sometimes that isn't possible.

I have added a Legacy Blog section to the Blog Pack page. While these blogs are not part of the EBP Feed they are certainly deserving of a mention.

I am aware that some issues seem to be spreading around Blogger concerning Malware and warnings. I have been looking into this the past two days and I cannot find anything to validate those concerns. I suspect this is something between Google and Blogger (and yes I know they are the same company) that needs to be worked out.

Hopefully this all gets cleared up shortly. Until then the reader feed seems clear of any issues.