Dumb Moves

If you've played Eve for longer than five minutes, chances are you've done something incredibly stoopid.  Let's face it, Eve is a friggin' complicated, intricate, time-consuming universe that takes some serious attention, knowledge and experience to play properly. Even then, it'll reach up and grab you with amazing amounts of mind-numbing boredom. All of which, is a recipe for stupidity.

If you've been reading this blog at all you know I don't mind making fun of myself and sharing the stupid things I do from time to time. It seems only fair to be honest about it, since I know I'm not the only one.

We've all lost ships that were incredibly expensive, cargo that is hard to replace, warped to the wrong gate at the wrong time, and any number of other stoopid displays of our monkey brains.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are just a few of my finer moments:

> I once went afk in a belt while ratting in my Merlin, because I had to pee. Yep, lost that ship.

> I once took a fully loaded Osprey into HED-GP because it was the fastest route to Empire. I hadn't heard that said system was camped 24/7 by -A-. Darn ship didn't even have guns or missiles on it.

> I lost my Cormorant to a Thrasher in Mai (my very first loss) and my pod. When I awoke in station I immediately got into another Cormorant and went back for revenge. After I died again I began to realize that Eve didn't work that way.

> Until recently I didn't know that some types of Rockets fly further than other types of Rockets. This might explain why I died several times in Rocket firing ships to other ships that were not really that far away.

> I once fitted a Rokh with Mining Lasers and mined rocks with it. I've never admitted that to anyone before. (I admit that mostly I did that for the lols however.)

> I've died more than once stuck on an Asteroid. If you are a new player you wouldn't know that you used to be able to die like that.

> I once spent every dime I had on a POS Tower (A large one, including enough mods to make it a Death Star), put it up and then took it down two weeks later. Moving it to Empire from Null space, without a Carrier, the major components were blown up inside someone's transport ship. (It wasn't me and I'm not naming names, they know who they are.)

> Speaking of moving. I estimate that I've lost 20b or more in assets with all the moving back and forth from Null regions I've done in the three years I've been playing. All that moving around, until recently without a Carrier, is one of the major reasons why I'm in Low Sec these days.  I bet a good 10-15% of my deaths are move related. Maybe more.

> I used to get bored and fly alone to the ends of the map. Many of these trips were back before I had proper cloaking skills, or really, much of any skills at all. While I did explore unknown regions of space, I also died a lot doing it.

> When I first started playing Eve, I thought a really cool thing to do would be to get into a Rokh (which to my Noob eyes was a badass ship) and fly through different Null space regions. Just so people could be, you know, impressed and shit.

> I once put a cloak on a Drake in a combat situation. I actually bragged about it in local. Sigh.

Don't get the wrong idea here. I do many, many intelligent, thoughtful, courageous and amazing things in Eve as well. Although the above are only a few of the dunder-headed things I've done, the good far outweigh the stoopid.

So what D'OH moments are you willing to share?  I bet you have some good ones. C'mon, don't be shy.