End of one Road

My entire Eve career has been consumed with the search for the perfect place to enjoy the game, have good people to fly with and plenty of Pew Pew. Since I moved to Null two weeks into playing the game almost three years ago, that search has been thwarted by fail leadership, bad decisions, bad information and just rotten timing and horrible bad luck.

Not to say there haven't been moments along the way, there have been many. And I have made many, many friends during that time and enjoyed flying with them. (You all know who you are) This isn't about individuals, but more about institutions.

All of this searching, a history well documented here on these pages and not worth repeating, culminated in the formation of Lucifer's Hammer. At first the Corporation was formed for one purpose and one goal, to have fun and pew a lot. It has been an interesting journey since that first day and the goals have shifted a few times, people have come and gone, and we've jumped in and out of different opportunities.  But that simple, original goal remains the exact same as it was then... to have fun and pew a lot.

When my son became sick over the Summer and it looked like Eve might be over for me, I pulled it all down for a really difficult two weeks. In hindsight that was a mistake, but only in hindsight. In reality it wasn't. It shook things up, things that needed to be shook up. Not only the Corp and Alliance, but me as well.

What I've come to understand and appreciate is that the search is over. I've reached the end of the road. No matter what happens with the Alliance, the Corporation, or our relationships with our friends, this is it for me. I won't be leaving. Even if it all comes down to just me, alone, in space. I'm done.

It won't come to that. We have a strong core that we will build upon slowly and steadily. We have great relationships with friends and we will continue to fight the rotten fight in the best corner of the universe for rotten fights. Now is the time to focus on other things and stop looking for the perfect place. The perfect place doesn't exist out there, somewhere else. The perfect place is right here, where I'm at right now.

The end of the road? More likely the end of the beginning and the beginning of the next journey.

PS: I changed the title of this post cause it was causing some minor confusion. I am not quitting or leaving or anything else other than staying in Lucifer's Hammer. The "end of the road" is more metaphorical and relates to the end of the search, since I have a home that is worth fighting for now.