HammerTalk: Angor Mau

HammerTalk is a new series of post interviews with the pilots of Lucifer's Hammer and the Burn Away Alliance. Today's interview is with current Hammer CEO Angor Mau.

Angor is the person that introduced me to Eve and since then we've been flying together and sometimes apart our entire Eve career. We both share the same attitude about Eve, even though it is usually his fault when I get into trouble.

Q: So you are acting CEO of Lucifer's Hammer these days, how did that happen?

The original CEO of LUCRH, you, Rixx Javix, was getting bogged down by the responsibilities of being CEO, mostly because of RL commitments. I stepped up to take over as CEO, so that Rixx didn't feel chained down, given his RL situation.

Q: What kind of Corporation do you see Lucifer's Hammer being right now?

Right now LUCRH is a PvP corporation that is involved in the destruction of assets in lowsec regions regardless of the criminality of the owner of said assets. In short we are PvPers that are yarr harrin'.

Q: Where would you like it to be in six months?

I would like a somewhat larger team that could switch out to just about any ship at a moments notice. We are already a very competent force, I just want more people batting for us. Thats why we have an alliance and many friends as well, it really helps not being on your own.

Q: For those that probably don't know you, tell us a little about Angor Mau.

I have always been interested in Pew Pew. Even as a little nubbin in my catalyst I would rather shoot rats then mine. I have also always been a pot stirrer, in fact, in the old days of NRDS Providence, everyone knew me as, well, an arrogant prick, lol. But the point being I wasn't cut out for the "only shoot people that I tell you to shoot, hurr durr!" mentality. So I guess thats why I'm in LUCRH, I can shoot whoever I feel like now.

Q: What ship do you enjoy flying the most, and why?

Yikes! Tough question. I'll say either the cane or the rifter, both in shield setups. The Cane is basically a giant rifter. I really like how versatile both ships are, and how many targets can be killed by them. But if I am fly solo I am probably in the Rifter, if I am in a gang I am probably in a Cane.

Q: Describe one of the adventures you've had in Eve that you may have enjoyed the most?

Another tough one. This one was recent, I was flying around in a rocket kestrel (lol) and I stumbled upon a megathron ratting in a belt. I of course engaged, but quickly realized that the kestrel was not the ship to solo a megathron in. Now I am not sure why I didn't get into a bigger ship but I decided to fly to my home system and grab an Enyo. Again no Idea why I didn't get a Pest, Cane, Sleipnir, etc. But when I came back into local, not only was he still ratting, but no one had engaged him. So I dscanned him down, and warped in. After ten minutes the megathron was dead, and no one had warped in to whore on the mail. Woop!

Q: You sure have been in a lot of Corps, why is that?

Bad luck. Seriously, pathetically awful luck. Almost all of those corps that I was in have either closed or have one member. Or the alliance they were in failcascaded. Or they decided to move to Outer Ring or something. Bad luck.

Q: Do you think you'll be in Lucifer's Hammer a year from now?

I have no plans on leaving any time soon, unless the corp collapsed, which I defiantly do not see happening. It's a corp that I can steer just about anyway I want, so boredom should never happen.

Thanks for sitting down with me in station Angor, even though we can't seem to leave our rooms, we can still talk via CommLink! Hopefully some other members will agree to speak with me soon as the series continues.