Hate Baby

I encourage you to read the comments on the last post, good stuff. But it brought to mind something over the weekend break that I thought was worthy of spending a tad more time on. The topic today being "relevance" within Eve and what that really means. Or, in other words, if you ain't being hated on you ain't nothin'.

As this primarily relates to being a Pirate criminal PvP person. Obviously this has less to do with Industrial, Mining, Trading or even in some ways Null Sec activities (although I could talk about Goons, or others in that arena) for now the focus is only on Pirates.  My current focus within the universe of Eve.

The point here is simply this - if you are a Pirate and no one hates you - you suck.

Not only that but you are also irrelevant and of no consequence. The better you do your job the more people will hate you for it. It also means that more people, but a different, less vocal group, will also respect, admire and otherwise like you for it. Those people just don't demand the headlines, like the losers do.

Not everyone can be a winner. This is true in life as much as it is within Eve. Sorry. (not so much the "hate" part, but you'd be surprised at how much it still works, just to a lesser degree.)

Believe me, I understand. I used to love to hate -A- back in the day, when UK and -A- were just a few jumps across the line in Providence. Or heck, anywhere else I've been. It is human nature to identify those that we are opposed to, for whatever reason, and brand them the "enemy". Especially in Eve, it helps to solidify and focus your efforts, those of your Corporation or Alliance. It is only natural.

I had a nice long chat the other day with a year old player whom I had popped and podded simply because he was unlucky enough to undock right behind me. He wanted to know why. Why? Because that is what I do. That is all I do. I don't have a POS to maintain, or rocks to be mined, or missions to be run, all I do is blow up ships. I'm under no illusions that I am the best at that craft either. I've never claimed to be. What I am though is dedicated, committed and slightly insane about how I go about my business. You have to be.

There are others in my Corporation that are better than I am in different ways, which is how a good Corp works. We all bring our particular skill sets to the table. The whole should be greater than the parts. This also means that there are those in the Corp more hated, or more respected than myself.  Good. Yet another example of how well we are doing.

To all the haters out there, go ahead and hate. You don't frustrate me, you don't worry me, you don't bother me, you don't matter to me in any way - other than you are just another ship in space to blow up. When you are in space of course, which is rare enough.

Beyond that my feelings go no further. In other words, I don't hate you back. Because I don't hate, I just fly around and blow up stuff. That's all I do. Because I love doing it.

My Father always told me you should do what you love. He was right.