Know Your Low Sec Corps: Immortalis Inc.

IMMORTALIS Inc. [10101]

Forum / Killboard

Battleclinic rank: #190 (15,564 - 2,861, 164 - 10 This Week)
Member of the Shadow Cartel Alliance (#74)

Corp Members: 107

Home System: Goinard

For the last six months I've made many friends in Shadow Cartel, of which Immortalis is the largest Corporation - and from now on I'll just call the whole thing "Shadow" ok? Makes it easier and that's what we all call them anyway.

Shadow is a great group led by Wowbagger, who also happens to be a avid reader of this blog - so you know he has great taste. Shadow is probably best known and feared for their crazy, insane medium sized (10-20) fleets, but that doesn't mean they don't also fly small gang and solo. In fact, a quick glance at their killboard would confirm that, since the first 12 kills are all solo at the time I'm writing this.

So what is so famous about their fleets? Sadly, if I told you I'd have to kill you. It is an ever-changing trade secret often made up on the spot, or during formation. They are unique fleets composed of ships and tactics not normally seen in any fleets I was familiar with before flying with Shadow. I mean, don't get me wrong here, some of the foundational tactics and strategies are the same. Universal truth being universal. But the execution is the thing. And while I cannot share with you the details, I can say that I often end up flying ships fit in ways that would've made me hurl back in my Null Sec days.

Like a Rokh without guns and only sporting large neuts? Yeah, like that. Amazingly it worked great that day, I think I got like 10 kills in that thing. And I don't normally fly Rokhs.

Yes Shadow is part of the Axis of Essence Evil Brotherhood, which includes Burn Away, Tuskers and Shadow among a few others. (I made that up btw, no such "Axis" exists, although it does help to explain the general idea.) While none of us are blue to each other and we can (and do) often shoot at each other, we also often fly together or join up in system for opportunities as they knock.

This is the spirit I enjoy about low sec and Shadow is a big part of that. Great people who have fun, don't take the game seriously and know how to kill.

More to come in this on-going series.