Mongrel's Creed: Short Film

I've featured science fiction related short films on Eveoganda before, mostly because I am such a big fan of the format. Perhaps it comes from being raised on Twilight Zone or Outer Limits as a child, or waiting for those weird shorts that HBO used to run when that channel first appeared in... well, a long time ago. (Nuff said) Whatever it is, I like 'em.

Mongrel's Creed website. Watch the film and enjoy.

I'll let Tom tell you about it in his own words:

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom Noakes and I’m an emerging Sydney, Australia, based Film Director. I’m also an avid fan of Eveoganda which is why I wanted to get in touch and present the full online release of a sci-fi short film I’ve Directed named “Mongrel’s Creed.” 

The film was completed as part of a graduate diploma at the “Australian Film and Television Radio School.” It has recently screened at the London Sci-Fi film festival, Israel Icon Sci-Fi Film festival, Adelaide Shorts Film Festival and Dungog Film Festival."

Best of luck to you, your film and your career Tom. Mongrel's Creed is an excellent student film that shows a tremendous amount of promise, both stylistic and storytelling. Stick to your vision and work hard on telling us great stories, you can't go wrong with that.