PvP Ships: Last Three Months

I thought I'd take a look at the ship stats over the last three months to see what they might reveal about what ships I am flying and how successful (or not) I am in them. Fortunately BattleClinic makes it easy to compile such stats, cause otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered.

Here are the ships I've flown in the last three months ranked by simple number of kills in each:

Hurricane  35-1
Tempest  28-2
Broadsword  24-3
Vagabond  18-3
Zealot  15-2
Sacrilege  11-2
Curse  8-2
Drake  8-8
Stabber FI  6-0
Harbinger  5-0
Abaddon  4-0
Typhoon  4-1
Dramiel  4-2
Rapier  3-0
Rupture  3-0
Anathema  3-0
Rifter  2-3
Vengeance  2-1
Phantasm  1-1
Maelstrom  1-0
Manticore  1-0
Megathron  1-1
Enyo  1-1
Cynabal  0-1
Jaguar  0-1
Ishkur  0-1

Funny, my perception isn't that I fly the Cane all that much. But apparently I do. Interesting that you have to go eight ships down before you run into a Caldari ship, since that is all I could fly for a long time. Why does the Drake have as many deaths as kills? That's easy, it is the way I use it. When things are tough or unknown, I usually undock in the Drake. It is pretty much the all-weather ship, which means I use it to jump into things I have no idea about - which means it gets exploded. That's what Drakes are for.

I'm not happy that so many big ships are still at the top of this list however. My personal focus on the next three months is going to be more small ship action. I'd like to get more practice flying the smaller ships in combat, which is a funny thing to say given my past. Interesting how things change over time.

I took my Cynabal out once in the past three months and it got blobbed. I'm not flying the ship again until I hit certain skill training goals I've set myself. The same has been true of the Tengu, notice it isn't on the list. I live an extremely dangerous lifestyle in Eve and I am determined to get better at living it smart. While also having a good time of course. Those two things drive everything else.

Surprises? I had no idea the Stabber Fleet Issue would be there. I think all six of those are Carriers, I typically use the Stabber to keep point on Carriers. All of the Broadsword kills are in defense of our home system, I don't roam in a Broadsword in low sec, no point to it. Although I have taken it on a few quick trips when needed.

I also have no memory of even being in a Manticore. Although I would guess that was a Black Ops trip maybe.

Always room for improvement as the great train keeps rolling.