Twitter Hats Explained

TL;DR: Patience. Twitter Hats are great fun, but RJ can only do one per day. That's part of the fun!

For something that started out as a way to mock the mere idea of Vanity Items in EVE, these Twitter Hats have really taken off.  I'm glad about that, they are fun and I enjoy doing them. But they have also become extremely popular and I thought it was time to clear up some lingering misconceptions about them.

1) Random Chance:  I come in every morning and fire up Twitter. When I do I scroll down thru the avatars and pick one that looks like it needs a hat. Seriously, that is exactly how it happens.

2) Inspiration:  Rarely has anyone suggested a hat for themselves. That kinda takes the fun out of it. Part of the reason this works is that you never know when you'll get a hat and you never know for sure what that hat will be. I am inspired somehow, like with Roc's "Jayne" hat and even I don't understand how that works.

3) Eve:  All Hats are given to people with actual Eve avatars or Eve related jobs (such as CCP employees). I'm not making hats for anyone outside of the Eve community.

4) Bribes:  I can be bought when it comes to Twitter Hats, but my price is pretty high. I want a Machariel. Machariel gets you whatever hat you want. Heck, even in hi-res. (Contracts go to Anastasia Javix and she can pick up anywhere in hi or low-sec)

5) Fun:  Seriously though, be patient. I don't plan on stopping, so eventually I will get around to everyone in Tweetfleet that has an avatar that can remotely wear a hat. (CCP Gamemaster is aware he doesn't qualify, since his avatar is two letters. Although I am considering giving him a hat anyway.)

I do this for free, like everything else I do for the Eve community and I will continue to do it because I enjoy it. Once the enjoyment leaves the process then I won't do it anymore. I don't want that to happen, so it is ONE Hat per day (except Saturday) and that's that. When it comes to hats.

Oh, and you can see all of them collected HERE, which is updated each and every day.