Wallpaper: Art Series - Cynabal

Yesterday I was yet again "cutting" another ship for commission work (which is what I call the process of acquiring ship art from Eve, importing it into PS, manipulating it, cutting it from the background and generally making it look awesome) when the thought hit me - I should make a series of Art Wallpapers featuring the Pirate ships of Eve!

Yes, sadly my thoughts often run towards making more work for myself. But I had some time yesterday waiting on feedback from one of the commissions, so I thought why not? I decided on the Cynabal because I already had the source files locked and ready for another project.

There are many wonderful ship wallpapers around, from white backgrounds to insanely complicated 3d model works and everything in between. But I haven't seen one that captured the ships in a "studio" setting, much like a high-end photography studio. So I approached this idea from that concept.

So here is No.1 in a new series featuring the Cynabal. Click on the image to be taken to Flickr where you can find various sizes to download and enjoy. When will the other pieces be available?  Dunno. I'll do them as I find the time to do them, but they will get done and will feature Pirate Cruisers, then probably frigates and maybe even Battleships. Until then, enjoy yet another free wallpaper!

Cynabal Art Series Wallpaper