Welcome to Burn Away

TL;DR: The Burn Away Alliance welcomes several new Corporations to the fun-loving Pirate life!

I haven't written much about Lucifer's Hammer or the Burn Away Alliance lately. This has been mostly on purpose. I've been keeping everything on a much lower profile over the last few weeks, primarily to give ourselves a chance to take care of business out of the public eye.  As popular as Eveoganda has gotten, I have to remember that not everything is suitable for public consumption at all times. Sometimes it is best to wait a bit.

For the last two months we've been hard at work re-forming and re-purposing the Alliance and the Corporation. This is important to do every so often and the process has already generated great rewards. Not only has Angor stepped up to take over CEO duties from your friendly neighborhood blogger, but the rest of the Alliance members and leadership have been doing an exceptional job as well.

So I thought I'd take a minute and publicly announce the addition of several new Corporations to the Burn Away Alliance.  I am extremely pleased about these Corporations and what they bring to the table. Each of them represents what I believe to be the true spirit of our emerging Alliance. The pilots that I have been honored to fly with so far have been fearless, fun-loving and dedicated fighters and hunters.  So welcome aboard guys.  I look forward to having the opportunity to fly with each of you in the coming days, weeks and months.


[Eve Gate] [BC Killboard]

These guys are awesome, completely insane and lots of fun to hang out with. Their TZ doesn't always intersect with mine, but we've had a chance to fly together here and there. Hopefully we'll have even more of those opportunities soon. Either way they are a great addition to the Alliance.

New Eden Renegades

[ Eve Gate ] [BC Killboard]

One of the Directors in Lucifer's Hammer was the former CEO of NER and he decided it was time to restart the Corporation. A decision that, while it cost us some members, I fully supported. They are growing and will continue to be an extremely important part of our success.

The Warp Core Stabilizers

[ Eve Gate ]  [ BC Killboard ]

While these guys have been with us about a week, they have already brought a level of fun and enthusiasm with them that is extremely welcomed. I've been having a blast flying with them and am looking forward to more of the same.


[ Eve Gate ] [ BC Killboard ]

And the newest addition to our wholesome family Alliance, Sinners. We bumped heads from time to time when these guys were in their former Alliance, but over time I think we both started to realize we had more in common than we thought. I am personally very excited about them joining our merry band of troublemakers and look forward to getting to know them all even better.

As always the Alliance Killboard is a great way to keep track of all of us. Each of the Corps have their own public channels, or you can catch them on LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel in-game.

We have a couple more Corporations in early talks about joining, but then we will most likely close Corporation recruitment for the foreseeable future. Again, to all our new friends, welcome aboard. And good hunting.