As all things change, some things also must come to an end. The same holds true for Twitter Hats, the Tweetfleet Craze that started life as an angry protest and ended up somewhere to the left of vanity and right of badge of honor, must also come to an end.

As much as I've enjoyed making hats for everyone, I can't go on doing it forever.  So 19 hats from now, when the total hits 152 hats, I won't be making anymore daily hat avatars for Tweetfleet.

Now, those who remain without hats, do not lose heart. Am I a cruel, heartless person? No, I'm not. (I'll answer that for you!) So I will put a hat on anyone that requests it, but it will be loaded onto the Twitter Hat page for you to download and won't be posted on Twitter.  Does that make sense?

In other words I'll stop making daily hats to replace my own Twitter avatar with and will instead create hats only on request. Those new hats will be loaded onto the Twitter Hat page to take their place amongst the collection. You can download them there and use them however you want.

152 hats is a lot. Plus it is the exact number I need to complete the Twitter Hat Commemorative Edition Wallpaper.