Changes Are A Foot

Everything changes. In fact, life is little more than the constant adaptation to change. Accept it, fight it, whatever your choices you must face it. And so it is here at Eveoganda.

You'll notice we are sporting a new banner today. That is only the beginning of some new changes you'll be noticing over the coming weeks.


During the last few weeks I have purposefully let the Blog Pack sit and sink in. But now it is time for some changes. By this time next week we will have some new members on the BP and some of our older members will be retiring due to inactivity.  In addition, I will be introducing some Blog Pack Badges that you can use on your sites to help promote not only your own membership in this group, but the Pack in general.

More on those developments as they happen.


In addition I will be updating the Eveoganda Eve Links, adding some new resources/blogs and removing any that are no longer relevant. 


I finally got around to enabling the mobile design on Eveoganda, so if you visit from a mobile device you'll notice that the site is now formatted properly. It is actually pretty darn cool and I've spent some time this morning checking it out on my iPhone. Looks good and is extremely easy to navigate.


Oh, and Rixx is now a member of The Tuskers.

More changes on the way.