God of Thunder, and Rock and Roll

Our Norse God Hilmar Veigar ( close enough, the Norse had something to do with Iceland y'know! ) threw down the hammer today with this heart-felt, honest and game-changing letter to the Eve community.

It seems that many of my assumptions about CCP losing sight of the goals that made them a great company were not far off the mark. And I am extremely pleased to see that they've taken a much needed deep breath and are trying to re-focus.

Thank you.  It is one huge step in the right direction, and while much remains to be seen, it would be extremely difficult to imagine anyone going back on such a strong statement.  As if to prove the point, we immediately got a follow up dev blog that laid out the re-focused attention that FiS will be getting this Winter. And while the blog was light on details, it does offer some hope that within the next 11 weeks or so, space will be getting some much needed attention.

Hybrid weapons balancing - long time coming. Maybe now I can fit a Hybrid weapon on a ship without feeling like a dufus.

Factional warfare - doesn't affect me directly, but I know a lot of people care about this, which means I do as well

Assault ships - What about them? I wonder.

Capital ship balancing - Huge issue, pardon the pun.

New T2 modules - Could be interesting.

Starbase logistics management - I don't even know what this is, but if they're fixing it someone will be happy

New EWAR-Drones - Ok, I think the ones we have just need balanced, but let's see what you have in mind.

T2 Rigs manufacturing - This is about making stuff isn't it?

Ship spinning - yeah!

New font

More captains quarters

Time dilation

And while this might not be a complete list, it is certainly a large one. Maybe too big? Or have some of these things been in development for awhile? I guess we'll all find out in the coming weeks.  I'll have more to say about some of these in coming posts, several of them stand out to me one way or the other.

But for now, let's not dilute what has been an important day. The Eve community has spoken and CCP has listened. Some people are already re-subbing, The Mittani seems to be taking more credit than he deserves, Twitter is on fire, the feedback seems extremely positive, so all seems right with the universe again.

Whew. Summer is officially over in New Eden.