Twitter Hat Wallpaper

Rixx Javix's Twitter Hat Collection Vol 1 Wallpaper

The first volume collection of Twitter Hats is now available as a spiffy Wallpaper for your computer desktop! I can think of no better way to celebrate the power of the Eve Community than sporting the Eve Community in your face every day!!

Either click on the image or the link to find various sizes to download on Flickr.

I think this piece has already started to become particularly significant since several of those pictured are no longer with us. I'm sure as time marches on that will become even more apparent. In a way, the Twitter Hats have become a semi-memorial, or a moment in time at least, to the diversity, strength and friendly power of our odd little group.

I started doing Twitter avatar hats on June 9th and over 150 hats have already been provided, some multiple times! (by trick, or by choice!) For those of you that remain un-hatted, do not despair, the plan is to continue putting hats on avatars for as long as you want them.  And the wallpaper will only continue to grow with each new addition. Volume II should sport nearly 300 hats I think.

When I look at the collection I see a story in every single hat and I know there is a person behind each one. For those hats that no longer have a person behind them, there is sadness, but also joy at the time we did share. And if the silly hats have one purpose, it is in sharing something together. Even if only for a moment.

I consider you all my friends.  Hats off to each of you.