Twitter Tuesday: Twits from the Tweetfleet

It's time for another installment of Twitter Tuesday!  That incredible moment when I run out of things to post about and beg my fellow Tweetfleeters for questions I can use to fill space!  Let's see what they have for me today shall we?

We all know a woodchuck can't chuck wood, but If a wood chuck could chuck wood how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Is that a European or African Woodchuck?  Seriously though, "Chucking" wood is an ancient Old English term for stacking. And, as most Woodchuck enthusiasts will tell you, the Woodchuck is exceptionally adapted in the fine art of stacking wood. Fuzzy, the current Guinness World Record holder, chucked 2,237 individual metric "cords" of wood in a 72 hour marathon at the 1993 World Chuck Cup in Bingingham, England. Sadly, Fuzzy collapsed shortly afterward and expired. 

What do you think of the rumoured bonuses of the new tier 3 BCs? 

I am extremely excited about the new ships! Battleship DPS on a Battlescruiser hull is a very interesting and potentially >cough< game-changing development. It will probably go a long way towards re-balancing some aspects of the Eve universe and I've always been a fan of adding content to balance, instead of subtracting content to balance. Having said that I don't feel comfortable commenting specifically yet, not until we get more specific details regarding the bonuses each ship will be getting. So far though, I am very excited.

How is anastasia today?

Thanks for asking. Anastasia is doing very well and is currently on a shopping trip in Dodixie. Yesterday she successfully moved our Providence out of Lisbo and transfered it to the market hub.  After this shopping trip she'll be working to collect our remaining assets and either sell or move them back to a more central location. Ana is hard at work studying for the Amarr Carrier V Certification, which will be the last remaining level V Carrier flying skill she needs. She is also holding weekly support group meetings in Dodixie, look up Pirate Wives on the Neo-Comm if you're interested in joining.

Does your alt give away free ISK and help new players like Robin Hood and you kill can flippers for them?

Ana has been known to help less fortunate pilots from time to time thru low-interest loans with generous terms, but nothing in this universe is free. We used to kill can-flippers but we got out of that business with the recent changes in our Sec Status.

When is your next know your lowsec corps post coming?

Soon. I took a break from that given the recent changes to my situation, leaving Burn Away and Lucifer's Hammer and joining Tuskers. There were political considerations that needed to be addressed and I didn't want to add to my troubles by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Now that I'm firmly in my new Corporation we will be returning to that feature shortly.

Why do you guys have to be so chipper in the mornings? Cut it out!

I think this is getting confused with "chucking". Chipping is more the area of expertise of the Beaver, which is a whole other animal.

If you were trapped on a deserted planet and could only fit two extra things in your hold, would one of them be my corpse?

Nope. I'd leave your rotten flesh where it belongs, on the dirt of some forgotten planet. Bodies are a commodity for us Capsuleers, your true body is already alive and well somewhere else in the universe and this husk with me is only dead meat.

What will tonights winning lottery (megamillions) numbers be?

Oh I know the answer to this one!!

Where do we go from here?

I think I'll let Earth, Wind & Fire answer this one: "Past emotions, filling my memories, Lovers potion that hypnotize. Could it be time has rearranged, what remains of the fire that lit our lives? Can it still survive. I felt so alone, though I knew you were right beside me. How could it be so? Will we ever be as near? To the world we held so dear? Tell me, where do we go from here? Where are the thoughts that disappear? Where do we go from here?"

Why dont we see the corpse's for all the people who died in a ship, and not just the pod pilot...

You have to remember first and foremost that what you "see" is actually given to you through the neural connection between you and your ship. So much of your perception is censored by the ships computer, sensors, scanners and whatnots. In fact, it is well known that humans exposed to warp tunnels, for just one example, often lose their minds. So there are hundreds if not thousands of corpses floating in space around wrecks, but your ship filters those out to only show you what you need to see. In fact, one of the biggest expenses for the PvP pilot is the cleaning service stations provide, which mostly consists of scrapping splattered corpses from your ship when you dock. It is a disgusting grimy job, but in most areas it pays extremely well.

Buffy, Willow or Faith?

Buffy. I'm such a sucker for those eyes. Although honestly, why do I have to choose? Isn't this my fantasy world here? I want all three.

Following my pic yesterday of the Hurricane/Tengu hanger bug. What would be the bastard child of those two ships?

I think we just saw that baby this morning.

Who wins: Enterprise-E vs a Drake?

I've never been fan of the rate of fire on the Enterprise, it sure seems to take forever between blasts. Of course they can also lob those shiny Photon Torps at you, but they seem slow and I wonder what type of damage they do?  Plus the Drake would get a free run for about five minutes, while the Enterprise crew works its way thru those confusing Starfleet regulations.  Opening advantage goes to the Drake, the Enterprise gets into structure early, but then someone on the Enterprise figures out the Drakes weakness at the last minute and BOOM. So winner Enterprise, although lots of scenes of the carnage onboard and that one genius kid that always gets killed. So sad.

In your opinion, should we be excited for the winter expansion?

After everything that has happened since Incarna was released, I believe we have no other choice but to be extremely excited regarding the Winter Expansion. It is the stake in the ground, the planting of the flag, the course changing expression of all that has been promised. Should it fail it would be catastrophic for us, for Eve and for CCP. So let's hope that it will be all that it needs to be. Not over hyped, because that always leads to disappointment, but a great start on a new road.

Why do alliances argue about silly things?

First of all your thinking is backwards, these 'things' are not silly at all. They may seem that way to you, but believe me, these things are extremely serious, important and worthy of arguing about. In point of fact, there is little in the whole universe more worthy of debate, fighting and arguing than these things you speak of. All of Null Space hinges on these things, and without these things, things would never happen. Things wouldn't be getting done and things would settle into a thingless existence. Things. We need 'em.