Wrap Up and Fallout

Nothing lasts forever. Especially in Eve. Just ask any of a number of Alliances or Corporations I've been a part of during the last three years. Those that might still remain are often not what they once were. Some, a few, are even bigger than before.

My plan to remain in Lucifer's Hammer sounded all noble when I said it, but on further reflection it seems more boring and stupid than anything else. As more and more of my Corp m8s bail to other shores, the Corp chat window has gotten pretty darn lonely.

And while a certain lonesome nature prevails within my soul, when it comes right down to it, I need people to fly with. Fellow pilots, buddies, compatriots, the like ilk doods who enjoy fighting and killing for pleasure. 

So it is time to close the door on Lucifer's Hammer and move on to something else. I already transfered CEO roles to my "wife" Anastasia and she'll be holding down what remains of the fort until this Friday.  On Friday anyone still remaining in the Alliance will be kicked and she'll transfer CEO roles in Lucifer's Hammer to someone else.  That will effectively end my control of both entities.

There isn't much fun in lingering. So what to do next?

I briefly considered many options, but to be perfectly frank, there was only one option that really made sense to me. Given the fact that we've been flying together and against each other so much the last six months or so, and that I have a tremendous amount of respect for everyone there that I know, (plus they are close, so I can avoid moving across the universe again! lol) joining The Tuskers seemed like a natural decision.

I'd like to continue to focus on solo and small gang fighting, it remains the one area that I feel I need more work on. Having grown up in Null Space I sorta skipped over the whole "frigate" phase of my career, I still cringe when I jump into anything that isn't a Rifter.  Having gone pretty much straight to BC and Ceptor, frigates being mostly a death trap in Null. ( I said mostly, there are exceptions.)

The point being I'm done with Null, been in many, many wars, fought in big fleet fights, watched Alliances fall apart - including my own now, oh joy - and even though I've spent the last nine months of so fighting the life of a pirate, I still don't feel like I've gotten the full enjoyment of it. That's mostly because of the added responsibility of running a Corporation and an Alliance. Which doesn't always mean what you might think.

But that's a topic for another day. I've filled out the forum application and so we'll wait and see what happens. One door closes another one opens, and the journey continues. I'm very excited about this chapter and looking forward to whatever it might hold. 

Although hopefully it'll be as a Tusker.  Finger's crossed.