You're In The Tuskers Now Punk

[ First of all, something really needs to be done about this logo >cough< ]

Rixx has been in the Tuskers for a few days now, mostly I've been moving that horribly loooong distance between Lisbotrain and Hevrice. Those 3 jumps can be murder!  I joke, but actually this is one of the hardest moves I've made. "What!?", you say, "But Rixx, you've moved from one end of the Underverse to anudder!"  That is true, oh true believer, but hold steady whilist I 'splain.

First of all, having been in one spot for so long (for me anyway) means I've collected a lot of stuffs, both purchased and looted from hapless pilots. In addition, I have this nasty habit of fitting ships, as of Monday I had 47 completely fitted ships in my hanger, plus about 12 half-fitted or un-fitted for one reason or another. Not to mention the fact that my trusty wife (and transport pilot) Ana is still in Lucifer's Hammer holding down the CEO fort until Friday. So three jumps isn't far. In some ways it would be better if it was, because Carrier jumping three jumps seems a bit silly.

Oh I will be using the Carrier, but hopefully only a few times. The rest I'm planning on moving manually over time. The best thing about being three jumps away is that it is only three jumps away, if I need something it isn't far. 

Meanwhile I continue trying to help my former Corp and Alliance mates find new homes. Most have already moved on, some in interesting directions, while others are still looking.  Hopefully most will be sorted soon.

I'm itching to get busy killing things, but I'm taking it slow until at least next week. There are some interesting complications inherent in me being in one Corporation while my wife is still in another Corporation/Alliance. While moving I'm often undocking on Burn Away or Lucifer's Hammer pilots. And while I'm comfortable not engaging for the next few days, that isn't going to last forever. But everything should be settled by this weekend and we can all move on in our Eve journey.

For me, I'm looking forward to next week. To being nothing more than another footsoldier in a Corporation for which I am not even a Director. Albeit an incredibly handsome, talented, super popular cunning warrior member... but still, it sounds incredibly relaxing to me right now.

Keep the courage.