My good in-game friend and former Lucifer's Hammer member Itsme has gone and formed his own Corporation - KICKED. 

Here is a link to the recruitment thread on the forums.

Itsme was with Lucifer's Hammer almost since day one and I had nothing but great experiences with him in the Corp. There are those that don't like him very much, and those that hate, fear and despise him. But they simply don't understand him.

If you are a fighter, truly a combat oriented person and not just a wanna-be, then Itsme is the guy you want in your fleet. He has a natural ability to tackle really, really big ships. And, most importantly, that weird thing that good PvPers have of finding good fights. Something that I used to have and seem to have lost recently for some reason. Sure, he got us kicked from several >cough< Alliances and sometimes got his Corp mates derped... but hey, it's supposed to be fun isn't it?

I wish his new Corporation well. And if you happen to be insane, or want to become insane, then you should think about joining up with these guys. I can't guarantee anything except that it won't ever be boring. Oh, and that Itsme will be in-game pretty much 23.5/7.

I think they'll be hanging around Amamake.

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