A Pilgrim in a strange land

I don't fly Pilgrims very often. I remember hurrying to train for one at some point, but I don't remember why now. In some dark corner of my mind they have always seemed like an excellent choice for solo PvP, but in practice tend to fall short for one reason or another.

Of the dozens and dozens of ships in my hanger, I didn't have a Pilgrim. Having lost the last one back in January. So I sent Anastasia up to Dodixie to buy one for me and fitted a new one up for the week. I figured I'd give it a shot for an entire week and see how I did in it.

While I haven't been able to play much lately, I have managed to squeeze in some time here and there. So let's call it 4 or 5 hours total for the week. I snuck around the pipes, went into dead-end systems, hung out at stars and generally tried to be invisible and wait for someone, anyone, to fall into my trap.

And then I waited some more.

The only success I managed was by accident. I had just undocked in Hevrice when someone mentioned a Typhoon was docked in Jov. I warped to a safe above the Jov gate and waited. My anticipation was nearly zero, since usually these things never materialize when I'm on-line. They usually only happen when I'm not around. But sure enough, the Phoon pilot warped to the Hev gate and I dropped down on him. We all did. It was certainly a gank, even though most of our ships didn't have any dps on the gate.

Mostly however, things like this happened. I jumped into a system with six tasty frigates on the gate. They run off. Being as how I can't kill people on gates, with all my dps coming from fragile drones, I can't stop them.

I come into system and there are three people... either 1) in a POS, 2) docked in station, 3) running a mission, or 4) in something that would kill me. Or worse, with a dozen buddies in the system next door.

Such is the ever exciting life of a pirate in New Eden.

I'm not around when exciting things are happening. I'm not on long enough for exciting things to develop. So I'm pretty much on my own trying to make exciting things happen when I am actually on-line.

This is a problem I haven't developed a solution for.

Tricky this Eve.

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