Might as well JUMP

When I first started playing Eve I joined a corporation that quickly moved down into Providence as part of the long-gone LFA Alliance. (What do we call this time period now? Old-Old Providence? lol)

Various adventures followed, read the archives! But sometimes we would all Jump Clone up to Piekura in Caladri space for some mining, ratting and generally causing trouble.

Often, while we were up in boring old Empire, you'd hear fleets forming back down in Provi on comms. But we were stuck for a whole day.

Fun times, but that was almost four years ago. And I haven't used a Jump Clone since then.

For the longest time I had a JC stuck down in F-9E. It was there for probably two years. It isn't there anymore, I don't have any memory of destroying it, but I must have on one of the many subsequent return trips to Providence over the years.

Generally speaking I like to fly everywhere I'm going. Over the years it has gotten easier, with an alt that flies Transports and a Carrier, moving is easier now than it ever has been. But now I'd like a JC for other reasons.

Sadly it doesn't appear that I have the proper standings with any of the station owners near where I'd like to put a clone. And I'm certainly not in the mood to grind out some standings.

So now that I actually have a use for a JC it doesn't appear that I will be able to have one.

Or am I missing something? Frankly I am no expert when it comes to these esoteric items in Eve. I usually lean on others that actually care about such things to tell me what to do. As I've said many times, if it doesn't involve shooting people in ships, I rarely care enough to learn. Actually, I do learn when I need it, I just don't retain it.

What's the point? It's probably all changed in the last four years anyway.

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