( Since my good friend Mord stole my nasty Mittens post idea - sorta. Mostly I enjoy ribbing Mr. Mord, since we tend to sometimes think alike and at the same time. Either way, the Mittens post is scrapped for now to the ever-increasing pile of forgotten draft posts and we'll turn our eyes towards something else today. )

I need a change of scenery. Grog actually pointed this out in comments a few posts ago and I started thinking that taking a field trip might be just what the doctor ordered. Shake things up a bit and shoot people on the other side of the universe for a few weeks.

So I'm packing up and heading out. Given my current level of play, this process might take awhile. But I think I've found a faster way to 'get 'er done'. While Ana does have incredible skill with the Archon, I think I'll just fly down and buy stuff to fly there instead of moving things. This'll keep the travel bags light.

Moving without moving. I like the sound of that.

What ships should I get? Hmm, will have to give that some thought. What makes a good package of PvP ships for strange and interesting places? A nice compliment of frigates/AF types certainly. Maybe a Drake and a Cane. And then one or two special circumstance types, like a Devoter, or Curse, things like that.

This is gonna take some thought. And no, I'm not telling you where I'm going. Not yet anyway.