1v1 Video: RJ vs Placid09

It is possible to have fun in Eve. The above video is one example of a fun 1v1 encounter recently between myself and Placid09. A few weeks ago I had kilt Placid's Vigilant in my Stabber Fleet Issue and he wanted another go at me. We decided on AFs this time out and since I never fly the Enyo it was a natural choice. I'm much more of an Ishkur guy myself. Blaster fit/Armor rep brawling Enyo's are the way to go, so I went the opposite with rail guns. It is possible to fit an Enyo for kitting at extreme ranges, at one point this thing could hit at optimal at like 60. But sadly the little ship is slooooow. So I decided to cut that range down to just outside of Web range at about 14. It is a tight cap charges needed fit normally, but I didn't do that either. I just left three slots empty. Even writing that makes me cringe. No defense other than speed, with isn't very good at about 2,100 with faction mwd (which you have to pulse because of the cap issues). Luckily it turned out to be the right strategy since his harpy was dual-webbed. He never got close enough to use 'em.

Good fight. And remember kids, don't put lasers on a Harpy.