Eve ID iPhone App

I thought I'd mention an interesting new iPhone application that is now available for download from iTunes.

Eve ID is a simple application that allows you to quickly and easily check up on any player, in local, on the forums, anywhere... all you need is a name and you can easily discover their BC ranking, major kills/losses, sec status and threat level.

To me it seems like a great way to check up on that pilot in local without having to jump out to a browser or use the in-game one, both of which take time to load. I've tried this out myself a dozen times now and it works pretty darn fast, depending on your connection.

I have two suggestions for 2.0:

• Start Date. How old is the character? This is one of the most important bits of info to me, since it gives a rough idea of skill level. Most of the time it is the only stat I really care about.

• Mute. The developer already informed me that this is in the works, but the app needs a mute function. I enjoy the voice notifications, but sometimes I need to be quiet when I play Eve.

All in all a handy app for your Eve collection and recommended.