Undocked: Catalyst

I like to fly spaceships, it is really the only reason I play Eve. I like to play for other reasons, but take away my spaceships and I wouldn't play no matter how good the banter on comms is, or fun the forums are, or how many hats people want to wear. I think you catch what I'm pitching.

I also hate to get into a rut when it comes to the ships I fly, so I enjoy mixing it up. I often have to challenge myself to do so, we are all creatures of habit. So I often sit and look over the hanger and think, "What haven't I flown in awhile?" And yesterday my eyes lingered over the Catalyst. I had fit her up when the Destroyers had gotten buffed but hadn't really taken her out since then.

I can't be that scary in a Catalyst can I? Maybe someone will actually try to attack me? Oh please please please. Turns out I didn't have to go far at all to make that happen.

If no one is in local I will usually head to a belt in a new ship, to kill a few rats and figure out the ship a bit. Loosen up if you will. It does help, I hate jumping right into a fight in a ship I am rusty in. Even if it is just stupid rats. So I did that and several people started traveling through the system, but no one would jump in on me and kill me. So I was preparing to leave on a short roam round when I spotted the Rifter on scan. The pilot was with Black Rebel Rifter Club and they always seem ready for a fight. Usually.

So I warped back to the belt and got some altitude and waited. Sure enough the Rifter landed about 157km from me, so I turned and burned.

A couple of notes here. First, if I was in a Rifter and saw a Catalyst in a belt I would attack it. Secondly, my Catalyst fit is pretty damn brutal. Think of it as a Taranis with close to 6k EHP and 410dps without overheating and you get the general idea. If the Rifter was shield fitted I'd have a serious fight on my hands.

Unless they ran away first. But to their credit they stood their ground and engaged. I'm so encouraged that some people don't run away from a fight. Although they really should have. I overheated my guns immediately and just hit approach, scram, and hells-a-poppin! I didn't even get a chance to unleash my solo Hobgoblin. Volleys of 600 to almost 800 will do that to a Rifter. 4 or 5 volleys and the fight was over.

The Rifter wasn't badly fit or anything, but I'd never fit one that way. But Kudos to the pilot for fighting and for the good fight. Best of luck to you in your Eve career.

I went around looking for another fight but I wasn't able to find one. Strange the ships that will run from even a Catalyst.

So what ship will I pick next time?