A Note on "Pro" PvP

So yesterday I'm out roaming in my wittle Merlin looking for good fights. I didn't have a lot of time, so I did a quick 8 or 9 jump down to the edge of Cloud Ring and back. Nothing much going on. The time was unusual for me, a bit earlier than I typically play. So there were some Corps around that I'm not really that familiar with. There was a 3 or 4 jump chain were 4 or 5 of them were in a single system together. This is not a good situation for a lone Frigate. You don't have to be superiorly intelligent to understand that.

There are Corps in Eve that will not hesitate to group up on you and kill you dead. I appreciate that. I appreciate that a lone ship in a belt can quickly become 3 ships in a belt. I've done it to people myself. So I know how the game is played.

And sometimes that is perfectly fine. But when I'm in a frigate looking for good fights? Not so much. So I'm flying along and happen upon an Incursus being flown by a 2004 pilot that belongs to that Corp.  I know he wants to fight me, but I'm loathe to do it in a system full of his buddies. So I jump into another system, same thing. Another, same thing.

Then my email starts blinking.

"good job on sucking at PVP."

And I'm blocked from replying. Sigh. Y'know, one more system and maybe we would've fought. And more than likely, if you didn't suck, your Incursus would've destroyed my Merlin. I'm ok with that. I'm specifically out looking for good fights, which are not always fights I know I'll win before-hand.

What I'm NOT out to do is give you what you want. Especially when you call me out and don't allow me a chance to respond. That is not "pro". So I went home and docked up instead. Chew on it.

Notice I never mentioned any names in this post.