Back, or Front... maybe Side

Last three months of PvP ships and their win loss record:

Sacrilege - 35-1
Daredevil - 13-3
Merlin - 9-2
Vengeance - 8-1
SFI - 6-0
Broadsword - 6-0
Drake - 5-1
Rifter - 4-1
Vagabond - 4-1
Dramiel - 2-0
Zealot - 2-0
Taranis - 2-1
Ishkur - 2-2
Incursus - 2-2
Enyo - 1-0
Catalyst - 1-0
Absolution - 1-0
IN Slicer - 1-1
Wolf - 0-1

Couple of things. The Sacrilege and Broadsword are my lazy day choices and the rest are my roaming choices. I do sometimes roam in the Sac as well, but only when I have the time. And the last time I did Shadow hotdropped two carriers on us and killed Angor's Tornado. Nice neighbors huh?

Summer is always an odd time for Eve. You have both more and less time to play than normally. More time overall but less time individually. If that makes any sense at all.  When I have more time I go roaming in something. When I know I have less time I usually hang out in the neighborhood and cause trouble. That way when one of the boys tries to kill one of his brothers I can dock up quickly.

I am proud of the variety of ships I've been flying, but I'd like to have even more variety. There are probably three or four other ships on that list, but they just didn't manage to get on any kills. It's funny, even after three months I can look at each of the losses and remember exactly how and why each ship died.

Sacrilege death. Had GCC and landed on a station with a Harpy sitting off about 40k. Turned and engaged the Harpy without realizing I had run out of precision HAM missiles. HIs buddy showed up and I was unable to kill them before the station killed me.

Daredevil deaths. Lost one in a 1v1 to Itsme with his snakes in. Lost another to a 1v1 in which the Shadow pilot decided to bring his Cynabal and Rapier buddies along. The other loss was the usual scenario where it looks like one guy and then twelve guys land.

Merlin deaths. Both happened early on when I was still testing out the Merlin. Both similar losses fighting against higher class ships with an untested fit.

Vengeance - lost it to a Wolf I let get too close. Totally my fault.

Drake death - another station miscalculation. Engaged a Myrm and then a Talos showed up.

Rifter - Hey, Incursus don't suck anymore!! Who knew?

Vagabond - trying to get to the Thukk You Frill Me event and stepped into the Rancer gate camp.

Ranis - Rupture. Would've killed him but I was left alone after Angor's ship exploded earlier than it was supposed to.

Ishkur - One was lost to a Wolf and Thrasher, the other to a Cyclone because Angor's ship died before it was supposed to.

Incursus - Like the Merlin, trying out new fits. And engaging above class targets while doing it.

INSlicer - Again my fault, let the Ranis get range on me.

Summer is winding down, so back to a more regular posting schedule. See you in the Funny Papers.

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