The Vagabond Memorial Foundation

NEWSWIRE - JITA (Date Stamp): Eveoganda Enterprises is pleased to announce the public formation of the "Vagabond Memorial Foundation" today across all of New Eden.

The Foundation's primary purpose is to remember the once vaunted Vagabond and its distinct and traditional "Frill/Wing" configuration by promoting the Vagabond Museum being built deep within Minmatar space. (Location to be revealed once it has been properly reinforced) In addition, the VMF will support and fund universal investigations into the disappearance of the Vagabond and its replacement with an inferior "fake" Stabber.

"For months now, former proud Vagabond pilots have been forced to fly some kind of hybrid-pseudo Stabber posing as the vaunted Vagabond", said VMF spokesman Mr. Rixx Javix. "Those responsible must be brought to justice."

Despite protests from many from the Capsuleer community and increased losses due to the de-frilling incident, no official statement has been issued from Thukker Mix - the once proud builder of the Vagabond. Rumors circulate regarding Jovian influence and Mr. Javix has conducted several covert missions into Jovian space searching for clues. So far without result.

"We shall never give up, we shall never surrender!" Mr. Javix told the large crowd of wanders-by on the steps of the Jita Station this morning. Shortly after his statement he was ganked and podded back to low-sec.

For those wishing to show their support for the poor Vagabond and random design changes without cause, please use the following imagery for free:

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And a PNG Transparent Background version: (200x200)

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