1v1 EVE COMIC #47

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Like quicksand under our feet the Eve universe just keeps changing and changing. Remember last year when everyone was railin' on CCP to focus on Spaceships? Seems almost funny in hindsight.

I for one support the continued expansion, alteration and modification program known as Tiericide. From my little corner of the universe it means I'm fitting and flying ships I honestly never thought I'd seriously consider. A Tormentor? Seriously? Slashers, Mallers, Merlins, the hanger keeps growing with more and more ships every day. And that is a good, fun and exciting thing.

I haven't written much about ASBs and other changes that have hit the game. The reason is simple, I'm not sure yet. My opinion keeps changing on me. Maybe I'm waiting to see what this Winter brings first? Or maybe the changes this year have been so profound, that it is almost impossible to be sure. Shaking things up is good, but it does feel like we're walking on quicksand these days.