Pay Per Kill 2: This Time It's Personal

The Pay Per Kill Bounty System

Objective: Establish a "Bounty" system in which the destruction of criminal ships is rewarded equally  to those that participate in its destruction.

Goal: ( Drop + Insurance + Reward ) must equal less than the in-game market value of the destroyed ship.

Maths: Destroyed Value x Victim Sec Status Multiplier x Adjustable System Tax Rate = LP Reward(ISK) / Kill Participants

Qualifying Ships: Any ship flown by a pilot with -5 to -10 Sec Status. Excluding Rookie Ships and Pods.

Destroyed Value - The established in-game value of the ship minus the module drop as shown in the Combat Log.
Victim Sec Status Multiplier - A value between 2 and 5 that increases the lower the victim sec status. A -5 victim has a value of 2 and a -10 victim has a value of 5.
Adjustable System Tax Rate - A sliding tax rate based on the sec of the system the loss occurred within. A maximum value of 99% and a minimum value of 95%, the lower the system sec status the lower the tax rate = higher return
LP Reward - Self explanatory. Could also be in the form of ISK. tbd
Kill Participants - The number of pilot on the kill mail, including NPCs.

Example: A pilot with a -10 sec status losses a ship valued at $100,000,000 ISK in a -4 System to a group of three pilots. Destroyed Value (100m) x 5 x .05 = 25m / 3 = 8.3m ( Converted to LP/ISK ).

On average the return on value is around 5-12%, depending on the number of participants. The lower the participants the higher the return. In the above example, a solo pilot would have received 25m in LP value from the kill (25%). Conversely, a blob of 20 pilots would have each received 1.25m each (1.2%).

Exploit Defense: Even a scenario in which the above example involved alts and maximum insurance and loot/salvage would return a value lower than the cost of the ship + cost of insurance. Increasing protection could be achieved by maximizing the percentage return, in other words establishing a CAP of say 15%. So the solo pilot in the example would get a CAP reward of only 15% instead of 25%.

Limitations: I am no expert at LP Rewards, I admit that. So some tweaks can be assumed to be needed in that regard. Once again, this is a CONCEPT of establishing a working Bounty System that rewards pilots for PvP against known criminals in space. And of encouraging combat in a combat based game.

Thoughts and comments appreciated as always.