Eve is my Golf

Eve is like Golf.

Men play it at odd hours. It has an exclusive, club-house atmosphere. You wear weird clothes when you play ( in-game, goodness knows what people wear in real life - the less I know the better! ). It takes special equipment to play. And it is a vastly relaxing experience rarely interrupted by moments of sheer terror. Anyone can play, but it takes years of practice and talent to become truly great at it.

Golf even has a kill-board and rankings.

I've only played Golf once in my life. And it was a whopper. A former client of mine holds an annual tournament in West Palm Beach Florida on two side-by-side PGA courses. This tournament raises money for charity and brings some illustrious celebrities along for the event, many, many of them. My foursome included two NFL football players. Both courses are full, so they play shotgun style with two foursomes starting on each hole. I went first. They had a photographer there to take our picture as we tee'd off. To say I was nervous would be the understatement of the decade. I did manage to hit the ball, which promptly went straight into the lake.

Two holes later my team stopped keeping my score. The main prize of the day was a Bentley. I didn't blame them.

I tell my wife, Eve is my Golf.

I play it when I can. It is extremely relaxing and often interrupted by moments of sheer terror.

Over the past Summer I've had a chance to play more Eve (Golf) than I have in a very long time. I've enjoyed it tremendously. But today that changes. How much time for Golf will I have in the coming weeks and months? Only time will tell. But just like all those annoying Golf entusiasts that you know, I'll be talking about it non-stop, acting out my favorite moves, and maybe even sneaking some putts into the office.

Today starts a new chapter in my life. I'm very excited.


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