Frigate FFA: Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is the day. The Tusker's Frigate Free For All will be launching at 20:00 in Jov and who the heck knows what might happen!  I know it would be a shame to miss it.

Right now it looks like your friendly neighborhood blogger will be able to attend. If the New Eden Tournament just had to be scheduled around Thanksgiving, it only makes sense that our own Frigate FFA would have to be scheduled on Halloween weekend. For anyone in the US that has children would know, this is a very busy weekend. I think we have about three events tomorrow that the boys will be attending in costume. Sigh.

But so far so good.

I've been keeping my eyes open and it looks like we'll have some company tomorrow. ( I'd also like to publicly thank the half-dozen or so spais that have sent me intel. I won't mention your names of course, but I appreciate the head's up. )  From the beginning the idea was to promote PvP in Low Sec, so company is more than welcome to attend. Just don't be upset when things don't work out the way you'd hoped. Either way, it should be an unpredictable mess that results in some good fights and lots of fun.

Hope to see you in space.

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