Halloween in Eve

I usually write a piece of spooky Eve fiction for Halloween, but with all the insanity this year ( lost biz, unemployment, financial crises, new job, etc. ), I just haven't had time.

I will point you in the direction of some of the past pieces in case you missed them or are a new reader:

The Haunted Hulk - Rixx gets more than he bargained for from a simple gank.

True Sansha - What does it mean to be "true"?

Swinging Lucifer's Hammer - Not spooky, but a work of fiction and a good story.

RJ's Journal: Entering Providence - A fictionalized account of my first trip into Null Space.

Death Rattle - A Rifter plays fast and loose with the power of a Star.

Our Halloween was moved to Saturday, so there is still time, so I might cook up something spooky for you by then. I have no idea what I'm doing from one moment to the next, so you never know for sure.

Until then, Rixx will be spending the day carving scary pumpkins for the CQ and telling the kids scary stories about CVA and the evil men do in the dark corners of New Eden.

Happy Halloween.