Monday Misc

• When I'm in my pod, do my fingers get all pruned and wrinkled?

• I forgot to mention that I recently passed my 4th Anniversary as an Eve player back in early September. Same character straight for four years. I suspect my lack of mentioning it has something to do with such things meaning less and less as the years go by? Or perhaps I'm just getting older...

• I joined the Tuskers on October 10th of last year, but my character sheet in-game says I've been a member for 12 months already. Some confusion there, but I'm waiting till the 10th to celebrate.

• Looks like the Megathron is getting a new design for Retribution.

• If you are not already reading Eve Travel you should.

• Now is a good time to go over to the forums and support the Ring of Fire Project! It's going to happen one way or the other and it would be better if you could help. You'll feel better knowing you did.

• I'm thinking about organizing an Eve meet-up in Pittsburgh soon, so keep an eye out here for more details. Once I have more details.

• I've been playing Eve for over four years now. Did I mention that already? FYI - I'm currently training the skill that will put me over 70m Skill Points, just so you know. Oh, it's Assault Missile Specialization V for the completest readers.

• Also, just so you feel like I continue to share. I can currently fit all sub-cap T2 weapon systems in Eve except for two. Which two? Light Missiles and Cruise Missiles. I never planned on training those to T2, but I may change my mind about Light missiles given some of the changes coming.

• I'm not sure why, but I find this extremely funny.

• I mentioned last week that The Tuskers are ranked #1 on BC now, which is awesome. Believe it or not I take some perverse joy in knowing I am the worst pilot in the top ranked corporation. In other words, I am the worst of the best, but not the best of the worst. I don't mind at all. ( I'm probably not actually, but I like to think I am, so leave me alone! )

• For the past two years I've written exactly 344 posts each year, but this year I've only written 151 so far. I doubt I'll make it to 344 this year. That means I'd have to write 193 posts between today and the end of December, which is only... well maths. Doesn't seem likely. And that makes me kinda sad in a weird way.

• I don't do maths. When I was in third grade I told my teacher we should stop learning maths cause we had these new things called calculators we could use. She laughed at me and told me to get back to work! Bitch. Who has the last laugh now?

• Sometimes I wish I had lasers that would shoot out of my eyes. Sometimes I try to do that and end up giving myself a headache.

• When I sign up new crews to fly my ships I give each of them a candy sucker, my brother is a dentist in Hevrice. Is that wrong?

• When I fly a Battleship in Eve I wear my lucky Darth Vader costume on the Bridge. I've never told anyone that before.

Until next time.