Ring of Fire Music Video

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So my good friend Aiden Mourn writes me and says he has an idea for a version of Ring of Fire that is a tad more emotional, dark and moody than the original. He also wonders aloud, knowing full well I can't say no, if I'd be interested in producing a darker, more contemplative video to his track?

I love the idea of creating Eve videos that are... well, a tad different perhaps than the Eve videos we are used to seeing. Nothing wrong with an excellent PvP video or trailer from CCP, I love those as much as anyone. But if I'm going to do something I tend to shy away from what other people are doing, just on principle.

So I welcomed the chance to create this piece and continue to promote the ROF Project. Take a moment and follow the clip above or in the graphic in the right sidebar and register your support for this initiative.

And while this video isn't perfect I hope you enjoy it. I'm determined to make one some day that makes us cry like babies...