The Most Important Person at CCP Meme

If you haven't noticed yet, and if you haven't then you must be living in a cave  ( or for some unknown reason NOT a regular reader!! For shame! ), then you've probably noticed that I like to have fun. I make fun, draw fun and generally fly for fun in-game. "Fun" being a silly word for having a good time, enjoying myself and not taking things in a virtual world very serious. Although with a huge dose of seriousness inside the hard outer-shell of not taking it serious.

I'm such a complicated and nuanced individual. A mad genius. Which is why this blog is so darn awesome.

Whenever I can I like to have some of this "fun" with my friends at CCP. In fact, one of them in particular, the ever beautiful and extremely talented CCP Punkturis. With whom I have a long history of having fun with. I don't know why, but it has just worked out that way. Perhaps it is the fact that she works with Fonts or the User Interface, or perhaps it is something more than that. Who am I to question these things?

Either way, there it is.

So the other day CCP released this photo of said Punkturis lounging and reading a book.

With apologies to her husband, who I assume is an awesome and understanding sort, I couldn't resist having a bit of fun with that image. I mean, c'mon, how often does something like that fall into your hands? Gold Jerry!!

So first I decided to make a fake ad, since I happen to be an Ad Man, this was only natural.

Click to embiggen!
As good as that was, there seemed to be more potential with this image. So I decided to create a fake Meme based on the Most Interesting Man Meme. The results are below.

If I trusted any of you, I'd make the base available for others to use. But sadly, I don't.