Nashh Mashh!

Nashh Kadavr is leaving Eve. Personally I say "good riddance"! He has been stinking up New Eden for far to many years now and hoarding all the good stuff in his personal hanger down in Goinard.

So this SUNDAY, November 4th at 21:00 down there in Shadow Country, Nashh will be undocking in a Carrier with a 10b pod and letting us kill him good and dead. He also has about 100 fitted Frigates he wants to give away. 

As if that wasn't enough, he is also raffling off 3 Dreads!!

Told you he was crazy. So while he is being admitted into the Mental Institution, you can benefit from his loss of sanity.

Goinard. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! At 21:00. Be there or be square.


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