As I was being lambasted in local once again the other day, I paused and asked myself, "Why do you put up with it?" I mean seriously.

Writing this here blog for the past three years has been the pure definition of blessing and curse. On the one hand, I enjoy the Hell out of it and wouldn't trade the experience for much of anything. On a purely selfish note, it does keep my writing fingers primed.

On the other hand, it is probably more trouble than it is worth. According to local authorities doing this either makes me 'gay', 'stupid', an 'asshat' or even worse. Or, as one local commenter opined "You've taken the Cool Story bro idea and just keep repeating it." Or some such, I may be paraphrasing.

Being a relatively known entity ( I hesitate to say famous, I don't like that word ) causes its own set of issues. It certainly has made my in-game life much, much harder than it would have been otherwise. It draws attention certainly, both positive and negative. Being public brings with it certain dangers, challenges and troubles that wouldn't normally be there. I am often a target simply because people recognized my name.

But it has also allowed me the opportunities that I would never have had otherwise. And given me a platform to advocate, challenge and hopefully - probably most importantly - entertain. And whatever access that really amounts to has been hard-won. No one is sitting here with me every day helping to write these posts. That's all me bro.

So why do I do it?

There are lots of reasons. One of them has to be just to keep pissing off those local commenters, most of whom couldn't put two sentences together, much less millions. But the real reason I keep slogging it out is purely selfish. And I've said this from the very beginning. I just wanted to see if I could. And discover, along with my readers, what would happen along the way.

I'm still curious. Eve still keeps me interested. Eve surprises me, challenges me, makes me look like a genius and an idiot. I'm still in love with her.

For every idiot in local there are twelve that say hello. For every tear there are six players that ask me for advice. For every hater there are the twelve or so thousand that are reading these words each and every day.

As long as you keep coming, I'll keep writing.


Because of you. Thank you.

PS: The next time I'm getting ganked because someone recognized me, maybe you could come and help!