A Good Day

Eve gives and Eve takes away. The longer you play the more you realize the cycles and rythme of this game we play. One minute you can't get a fight and the next the fights are up to your chin. Yesterday was one such day for me. And I had no time to play!

I had maybe an hour total to play and that hour was stretched out over about 8 different sessions during the day and evening. But, as I always do, I tried to make the most of what I did have. No whining here. Log-in, undock and try to cause trouble.

So I undocked in my Condor and noticed an Imperial Navy Slicer on my overview in local. Now the Condor would be a good choice certainly, but I always try ( when possible ) to get something more "equal" to the task. So I docked up quickly and grabbed my own IN Slicer. Slicer Vs Slicer should be a good fight.

I chased him around for a bit, there was also a Merlin around that I was trying to catch, and eventually we found ourselves at the Sun together. Now, when two Slicers fight each other it goes like this - Zip Whip BOOM!! About that fast. These ships are so fast and fragile that the fight is purely instinctual, no time for grand schemes and plans. Mostly you are concentrating on managing your ship and either you or the other guy explodes at some point. Luckily the other guy exploded. Good fight. We talked a bit afterwards and I tried to give some advice. But honestly, not much to say. He fought well and his ship exploded. Sometimes it just happens.

I docked up and decided to take my Vengeance for a roam. When I undocked there were a bunch of ships in local, so I started warping around trying to catch someone. I haven't flown the Veng in awhile so I didn't notice the missiles were already at about 45% damage. Eventually I found a Tristan at one of the Plexes sitting on the Accel Gate, so I engaged and we had at it. I like the Tristan, it is a solid frigate, but no match for my Veng. While I was finishing him off a Wolf landed and we started going at it. He was hitting me pretty hard so I overheated my racks and dove into him. I'd have killed him I think, but my missiles stopped working! I had burned them out. Luckily the Wolf wasn't able to break my tank, so I aligned out and just burned away from him.

I repaired my Veng and decided to switch to the Condor again. Local had spiked again and I thought we might have a new wave of FW pilots in local. Sure enough, Cormorant in a FW Plex thingie. Cormorants have no chance against my Condor, so that was an easy kill.

I don't remember why I switched to my Daredevil, but apparently I did. An Algos appeared. I had never fought one of those in a DD before, so I looked forward to giving it a try. Sadly, the next Algos wasn't well fit at all. He went boom. So I kilt his pod as well. ( Mostly I'd been letting pods go, good fights deserve it in my opinion. )

During the course of some of this an Ishtar had been flying around at various times. I'd tried on several attempts to locate him, but he wasn't having any of it. Later on in the day Easy had managed to find him running a mission, so he jumped in his Drake and I decided to take one of my Canes - hadn't flown that ship in a long time. We managed to miss the Ishtar and get spanked by our new CEO, although to be fair, it was him who really got spanked.

On the way back to the station I noticed a Venture in one of the belts. I certainly didn't have enough points on the Cane to tackle a Venture, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Turns out I didn't need the points at all, as the Cane one-shotted the poor sodden bastard. I felt so bad I let his pod go.

Back into the Condor and I find two ships in one of the belts. An Atron and a Venture. Since I really didn't have enough points for the Venture I decided to take the Atron out. He popped so quickly that the Venture forgot to run away, so I kilt him as well.

The last kill of the day was just blind luck. A Eve Uni pilot in local had been warping around asking for a 1v1 ( I didn't know this when I logged back in ) and I was the one that found him.  Just ahead of Bendy. Sorry buddy.

So 10-0 on the day. Three of which were genuinely good fights, the rest borderline slaughter. Although the caveat as always, you don't know that going in - only coming out. ( except for the Ventures of course, although they can just run off! )

Tomorrow I'll probably lose 4 ships.


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