Secret Goal Reached

Just a quick New Year's Day post. Things get back to normal again tomorrow.

I had a secret goal this past year that I kept to myself. That's how secrets work, you don't tell anyone, otherwise they ain't very secret.

I started 2012 stuck in the 15,000 range of rankings on BC. Given my aggressive and yet horribly limited play-style, it seemed to be about the place I would be stuck at for a long time. I'd been hovering there for about a year.

Add to that my almost famous disdain for kill board statistics in general, which I continue to maintain. I continue to believe that while they do tell a story, they certainly don't tell the entire story. Especially for someone that spent most of their early career in Null Space being little more than a meat shield for older players. Like me. I had a blast doing that by the way, but it does little for your public statistics.

But two years ago I became a Pirate. First with Lucifer's Hammer and then with the Tuskers. I went thru a process of changing from a Soldier to a Pirate. Started hanging out with people that cared deeply about professionalism and perfection. Not beyond risk, but because of it. They embraced risk as a play-style.

I wanted to be good at my chosen profession.

And being stuck at 15k wasn't reflective of how good I thought I was becoming. So I set out to change that this year. Then RL punched me in the face and I lost over four months of real playing time to disaster in the real world. So my work was going to be even harder to accomplish.

My secret goal was to reach the 5k mark on BC.

As the day finished up yesterday I waited to see the results this morning.

I am now ranked #5,945 on BC.

That was a lot of hard work. And it has made me a better pilot. A better Pirate. And a better player.

It doesn't really mean all that much. And this journey is far from over. But in a year full of horrible disaster, I'll take it.

Here's to 2013. Thirteen has always been my lucky number.

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